Cargo Care Solutions B.V ROTTERDAM, Netherlands 
Cargo Care Solutions B.V

Cargo Care Solutions is a young company with a long history on the field of cargo access equipment. As former after sales network of Deutsche MacGregor, Macor Neptun and SEOHAE Marine System we have over 30 years of experience in our branch. Today we are an independent and all-round supplier and able to supply parts and services for all brands of maritime cargo access equipment. Supplier of spare parts and services among others for: -MACOR Marine Systems International -MACOR Neptun -Deutsche MacGregor -Transport Efficiency -MacGregor -TTS -Tsuji Heavy Industries -Kvaerner -Macgregor-Navire -Dodwell -Macgregor Far East -Nakata Mac -Kayaba

94x50 mm, 71x40, 71x32PN-70, CAT-profile (72x67), LIP-seal (60x65) 


Address: Netherlands, ROTTERDAM, NL-3194 Mandenmakerstraat 84

Contact person: Commercial department ,e-mail, website

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Sponge rubber Send enquiry  
Sponge rubber
-Mostly used on side rolling and folding hatch covers
-Consists of a solid skin with a sponge rubber core
-Standard compression: 12mm
-Produced to guarantee long life time
94x50 mm, 71x40, 71x32
Sliding rubber Send enquiry  
Sliding rubber
-Mostly used on pontoon hatch covers or large vessels with folding hatch covers
-Consists of EPMD material
-Standard compression: 12mm
-Produced to guarantee long life time
PN-70, CAT-profile (72x67), LIP-seal (60x65)

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